Tampering Policy

The PCWA Tampering Policy establishes policies and costs associated with damaging, disturbing, or interfering with:

  • Pipe

  • Water meters

  • Locks

  • Valves

  • Cut-offs

  • Switches

  • Batteries and electronics

  • Curb stops

or other property belonging to PCWA, all acts commonly known as "tampering", which is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, the misappropriation of water supplied by the PCWA after service has been stopped. The policies and costs associated with tampering apply to owner occupied property, non-owner occupied property, homes in foreclosure, or others as indicated in the policy linked to below.


The form may be faxed to 770-748-6005 or dropped off at our Cedartown location.


Text Version of Water Tampering Policy


The following is a web-based text version of the Polk County Water Tampering Policy for informational purposes only. Please keep in mind that the PDF file linked to above must be printed and signed before water can be turned on at your location. Please call us at 770-748-6001 if you have questions about the Tampering Policy.