Green Operations Policy/Conserve and Sustain

The Polk County Water, Sewage and Solid Waste Authority (PCWA) is committed to managing and supporting “green” operations within Polk County, and supporting future sustainability for generations to come. Safe, clean water, and its sources are of vital importance to everyone.  To achieve this, PCWA will focus on conservation of resources now and into the future.


Our commitment follows a policy of supporting and using environmentally-friendly products and practices that help insure a cleaner and “greener” environment. To assure sustainability, policies may be changed or amended from time to time and are subject to management review:


  1. PCWA supports and actively endorses the “Keep Polk Beautiful” organization as a community leader in maintaining Polk County as an eco-friendly place to live and do business.
  2. PCWA will incorporate environmentally-friendly products into our installation and repair/replace improvement programs. An example is the use of Municipex service pipe which requires less energy to produce and creates a lower overall carbon footprint than copper pipe.
  3. PCWA supports Polk County’s use of newer, high-efficiency plumbing fixtures for residential and commercial construction and remodeling.
  4. PCWA is committed to re-cycling scrap materials to avoid waste and reintroducing excessive pollutants into the environment.
  5. Offices will “cycle down” to conserve electricity and control costs. Lights, computers, HVAC, and other energy-using applications will be turned down or off during non-business hours.
  6. Vehicle idling will be minimized to reduce petroleum product use and extend the life of PCWA powertrains. Vehicles are being transitioned to an “all-hybrid” fleet as older models are replaced with new.
  7. Paper waste, after being screened and purged, will be disposed of using environmentally correct practices to eliminate waste and safeguard proprietary information.
  8. Purchases of goods and services will be made with consideration for the impact created on the environment.

These policies and programs are core to our business and will help PCWA continue "green leadership" in Polk County to insure a sustainable environment for the future.